Application for NURS 5726: Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Trauma-Informed Care Clinical Experience

The course, offered through the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities School of Nursing, is designed to provide SANE nurses with supported clinical experience. Our clinical partners are the Regions SANE program (adult/adolescent) and the HART program (pediatrics, adult/adolescent). 


Participants commit to staying in the Twin Cities area (Minneapolis-St. Paul MN) for 5 to 10 calendar days, with the majority of that time serving on-call. When preceptors receive a call to attend a case, the participant will meet the preceptor at the case location, and work on the case alongside the preceptor. Participants will work with multiple preceptors, and may attend cases in multiple locations. Due to the nature of sexual assault response work, it is unknown how many cases each participant will attend. Participants will engage in supplemental work before, during, and after the clinical experience.



This form is the application to participate in NURS 5726. At this time, the clinical experience can only accommodate one participant at a time. Participants will be accepted based on eligibility, availability, and the priorities of the HRSA SANE Workforce development program.

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