To learn more about our research, or to see if you may be eligbile to participate, please fill out the following information. Only research staff will have access to the information that you share with us today.

The RAD Lab conducts research in adolescent depression, mood disorders, self-harm, and brain development. Participating is research is always voluntary. This means that refusing to fill out this form, or to follow through with a study, will have no penalty to you, nor result in the loss of benefits to which you are entitled.

After submitting this form, a research team member will contact you with information about studies for which you may be eligible. At this time, you will review specific details of the study including duration, tasks, compensation, risks, and specific research aims. The team member will also ask a series of questions to determine eligibilty. This process will take approximately 10-30 minutes depending on the study.

Any questions can be directed to the research staff by email ( or phone (612-626-8534). By proceeding with the survey, you are consenting to provide this information to the research team.

Thank you!

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